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Tungsten Carbide Pen Scriber

Tungsten Carbide Scriber

The Tungsten Carbide Pen Scriber offers a sharp, tungsten carbide tip in an attractive pen style. The tip can be used to permanently scribe glass, ceramic and plastic. The tungsten carbide tip retracts into the pen for safety and storage. The pen scriber measures 9.8mm in diameter and 137mm in length (0.386" x 5.4").

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
825 Tungsten Carbide Pen Scriber each $41.75


tungsten carbide glass scriber

Clips to pocket like a ballpoint pen. Retractable tungsten carbide tip to scribe on glass, ceramics and plastics. Tip included angle: 40°; Shaft diameter: 1.55mm (0.061"); Tip length (angled area): 2.13mm (0.084"); Shaft length from pen body: 4.24mm (0.167"); overall length 133mm (5-1/4").

Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Qty Price Order / Quote
829 Glascribe® Tungsten Carbide Scriber each 1-11 $38.00
12+ 36.00