xp sectioning saw

Manual sectioning saw designed for cutting printed circuit boards, ceramics, metal samples and composite components. Can also be used as a cut-off saw for small rods, wires, bars and tubes. Large working area of 6 x 10" with coolant bath below. The saw housing and table are made of non-corroding sturdy cross linked polyethylene to ensure durability. Powerful 1/4 HP (115V/1.75A/200W) motor with approximate variable speed of 400-3250 rpm, allows for selecting the best cutting speed for a variety of sample materials. Uses 4 and 5" diamond wafering blades with 5/8" (16mm) holes.

Includes a 4" diamond wafering blade with medium/coarse grit in high concentration (#812-316-5), dressing stick and water soluble coolant.

Maximum cutting width: 3-1/2"
Maximum cutting depth: 4" blade = 1"; 5" blade = 1-1/2"

230V version is NOT available; use #54585, 500W Step Down Transformer with 230V power outlets.

A variety of Diamond, cBN, and SiC 3", 4", and 5" diameter wafering blades are available for this saw.
PELCO® High Quality Diamond cBN, & SiC Wafering Blades

Made in USA

Prod # Description Unit Price Order / Quote
812-300 XP Sectioning Saw, 115V, each each $975.00